FedEx Becomes First Corporation to Honor Working Mothers Day

Our mothers teach us so much.


They raise us to be productive members of society - complete with dreams, goals and passions to take on the world. Girl Scouts from Memphis realized this and put a plan into action to launch Working Mothers Day in 2018. This year, FedEx has joined Girl Scouts Heart of the South by honoring their company’s working mothers.

On Friday, May 10th, the FedEx Women In Leadership group (WIL) hosted a Working Woman’s panel as part of the recognition of Working Mothers Day. The panel discussed the need of working parents. This internal event took place at their World Headquarters and was made available to all remote FedEx locations around the country. 

“As a working mother, I continued to take on new challenges everyday both in my career and personal life. You can be a great Mom and successful in your career. Prioritize and balance - sometimes your focus will need to be on family life and other times your career will take more of your time and energy. Good communication with your management chain allows for you to flex accordingly to be successful in both realms of your life,” said Rebecca Huling, vice president of Customer Engagement Marketing with FedEx Services and Executive Sponsor of FedEx Women in Leadership.

FedEx Freight has also decided to show their support for the day by giving all of their working mothers a box of Girl Scout Cookies. 

“Working mothers clock in every day to make substantial contributions to our places of work and to global economic growth, then return home to continue as leaders in our family and community lives,” said Tracci Schultz, working mother and senior vice president of Strategic Planning, Engineering and Operational Solutions at FedEx Freight. “At FedEx Freight, we are proud to work with Girl Scouts and highlight Working Mothers Day as a reflection of our commitment to the advancement of girls and women in non-traditional roles where they can thrive, contribute, and make a critical difference in our enterprise and in the world.” 

“FedEx has always been a strong supporter of Girl Scouts Heart of the South. We are so pleased to have them be the first major U.S. Corporation to support Working Mothers Day,” said Melanie Schild, CEO of Girl Scouts Heart of the South. “They work with us to help us provide the girls of today the leadership qualities to be the leaders of tomorrow. It’s a partnership that is vital to our Girl Scouts.” 

Photograph Caption: FedEx Working Women’s Panel, (L to R - Leslie James, Clarissa Newson, Gretchen Regenold, Drew Bailey, Seth Regenold, Randy Irving)